Pilates has traditionally been used by dancers and sports people to enhance posture and prevent injury. Over the years this style of exercise has evolved to cater for the general public and those recovering from injury to help restore and maintain the bodies natural movement and function. Pilates movements strengthen the stabilising muscles around the spine while facilitating valuable flexibility. There is an emphasis on breath work and mindful awareness of movement, which are both essential components of healthy movement patterns. Pilates is a terrific way to stretch and strengthen your body with the capacity to prevent or rehabilitate an injury along the way.

All individual sessions and classes are 60 minutes and are available as per below or at other times by request. For more information please call the clinic on 9560 0129.

Mat Class (max 8 person)

Monday 7:30pm

Wednesday 7pm

Equipment Class (max 5 Person)

Saturday 8am

Mum-ilates Class (max 4 person)

- Wednesday/Thursday/Friday mornings, 9am-12 pm (booking by request - individual or group)

Private/duet/small group

- by request

For mat class or private session bookings

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Individual Sessions

Private Sessions

The most effective way to achieve optimal results is to learn Pilates on a one-to-one basis, where a very tailored-to-your-individual-needs program will be established. A 'hands-on' approach is employed to ensure correct alignment and basic principles are followed within exercises, along with continuous consultation, using reformer and studio equipment as well as mat work. We will work together to advance as necessary. These classes will involve very personal attention, with a focus on your body's strengths and weaknesses in line with your particular goals. 

$80 p/p (10 Pack $750)

Duet Sessions 

A great way to enjoy a fun and dynamic workout session with a friend/Partner. These sessions will involve much personal attentions and individual consultation to achieve the best results for you and your body. Bringing another along for a Pilates session will keep you both motivated and connected to your own bodies as well as to one another.

$50 p/p (10 pack $450 per person)

Small Group Session (Minimum 4 people) - by request

Get your friends together to enjoy some Pilates and time together. This will be a combined mat and/or studio equipment session and will be catered for your groups’ specific requirements. There will be very detailed attention given to each individuals body types and limitations with modifications made to challenge and progress as needed for each person. Perfect for senior groups, ski-fitness, sports active groups, friend groups. 

$35 p/p (10 pack $300)

Mum-ilates (Minimum 2 & maximum 4, with 1 baby each) - by request

Get your Mum friends together and bring along the little ones for some circuit Pilates to regain your strength and alignment post partum. A different ‘exercise station’ for everyone to rotate around to. One station being the ‘baby station’ to be manned by a group member within the rotation. A brilliant way to have a work out during the day without the need for baby-sitters. These sessions will incorporate matwork as well as some studio equipment. 

$35 p/p (10 pack $300)


(Max class size 6-8 participants)

Mat Class 

A mat class will assist in getting your spine mobile in all directions and focus on engaging and activating your core muscles. Again, as we are a small studio, you will receive personal attention and interaction with the instructor, to either facilitate advancement or to ensure exercises are being performed safely and correctly with maximum impact. These classes are suitable for all levels.

$30 p/p (10 pack $250)

Circuit Class (mat & equipment) 

A different station using both studio equipment and mat work will provide a varied Pilates session that will be motivating, challenging and dynamic. These classes are designed to increase strength, lengthen muscles and target deep postural muscles and are suitable for those with previous Pilates experience. 

$30 p/p (10 pack $250)




STOTT PILATES is a contemporary approach to Joseph Pilates' original exercise method.  Unlike the original method, STOTT PILATES incorporates modern exercise principles including contemporary thinking about spinal rehabilitation and performance enhancement.  STOTT PILATES exercises are designed to restore the natural curves of the spine and rebalance the muscles around the joints.  

Benefits include:

  • Increases core strength, stability and peripheral mobility

  • Improves postural problems

  • Helps prevent injury

  • Enhances functional fitness and ease of movement

  • Balances strength and stability

  • Heightens body awareness

  • Non-impact, so easy on the joints

  • Complements other methods of exercise

  • Improves performance in sports

  • Improves balance, coordination and circulation

  • Promotes less muscle bulk and more freedom of movement