If you sit for hours every day in a car or at your desk or you have a job that is physically very demanding, especially if it involves repetitive tasks, areas of the body can become tight or strained due to overload. Our bodies are designed to move, but our lifestyles can become more and more sedentary as the demands of a job and family life increase.

A regular massage can help to keep the soft tissue in the body healthy by improving circulation, aiding lymph drainage and restoring normal tone and length to overloaded tissues. By identifying and managing the areas of the body that are under load, a regular massage can help to prevent injuries.

Massage can aid in recovery after a heavy training session or competitive event during which the physical limits of the body have been challenged.

A good massage therapist has the training to allow them to use the most appropriate technique for the individual client. 

Touch is an important part of our emotional well-being. A massage can be very supportive of our emotional health in times of stress or emotional upheaval.


Prices are:

1 hour - $95

30 minutes - $60