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Chiro-Massage Therapist

  • Certificate IV in Massage Therapy. NSW School of Massage (2017)

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. The Coaches Training Institute (2014)

  • Dr Ferrandiz Method Chiromassage. Ferrandiz-Santiveri Chiromassage School (2001)

Claudia is passionately committed to improving the wellbeing of her clients holistically through mind-body and heart. She has studied undergraduate Psychology at University of Barcelona, and after finishing her degree continued on to study Chiro-Massage Therapy following in her grandmother’s footsteps. Claudia’s grandmother, who is a Massage Therapist and Acupuncturist, strongly influenced Claudia. She came to learn the importance of using the hands to massage while conveying the energy of the therapist to contribute to the health and well-being of the recipient. In her own words: “alternative natural therapies were completely normal to me, while most people only used modern medicine at that time”.

Claudia has over 8 years’ experience in the chiro-massage technique in Spain, Chile and Sydney, working with a wide range of clients. In her pursuit of ongoing learning, Claudia has recently studied in Sydney a Certificate IV in Massage Therapy, adding Remedial Massage techniques and trigger points therapy to her usual chiro-massage practice.

Chiro-massage is a term created by Dr. V. Ferrándiz Garcia in 1920 in Barcelona. It can be considered a type of Swedish massage, but with a wider range of movements. The principle of chiro-massage is to use the different parts of the hand combining different intensities to generate a state of increased sensitivity to touch.

The intensity of the hands movements will determine the objectives of the massage, which can be either:

  1. Revitalizing massage: to activate and regenerate the body with a strong relaxing effect.

  2. Therapeutic massage: to relieve certain mild or chronic physical complaints such as sciatica, headaches, lower back pain or arthrosis. It has a curative focus.

  3. Sports massage: recommended for improving sport performance, preventing injuries and treating clients recovering from sport injuries such as muscle spasms, sprains or broken bones.

Consultation Times

Monday 12-8pm

Wednesday 3-8pm

Friday 2-6pm


30 minutes - $60

60 minutes - $95

90 minutes - $140

(please note: health funds rebates are not available with Claudia)

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