Jo is a long term patient of the clinic who's smiley face some of you may have seen on your way in or out the clinic. She uses a wheelchair due to a severe connective tissue disorder and deals with an array of medical issues and chronic pain everyday..

Although Jo is physically confined, she has not let this limit her participation in life and the communities she is a part of. Jo is a qualified social worker who works part-time for an organisation called Fighting Chance. This organisation works to find employment opportunities for disabled people. Jo runs an arm of the organisation called LifeX which is a social program that aims to combat endemic isolation and loneliness among people with disabilities. She does amazing work to build confidence and social networks for young disabled people. 

Her resilience and grace in the face of a very challenging body is always an inspiration. 

Recently Jo came in for an appointment after falling out of her wheelchair. She had been making a surprise birthday cake for her mom and was reaching into the back of the kitchen cupboard to get the cake sprinkles! 

That afternoon, I was in Howards Storage World in the Norton Plaza and I happened to notice some pull out kitchen cupboard drawers and immediately thought of Jo.

I wrote a letter to the Howards Storage World head office to explain Jo’s situation and relayed the ‘sprinkles story’ to them. Guess what - Janita from Howards Storage Leichhardt contacted me almost immediately and donated 4 drawers to Jo.

Janita and her friendly staff not only donated the drawers but also sent their on-road man to install them for her. We cannot thank Howards Storage World in Leichhardt enough for their generosity and kindness - they have given back to someone who gives so selflessly to her own community everyday.

Jo’s sprinkles now live within easy access and hopefully she will remain safely in her wheelchair.