Like all sports golf is part technical, part tactical, part mental and part physical. The proportion of these can vary enormously between individuals and while your golf coach may work on the first three the physical element can sometimes be left behind. If you optimise the physical component, the other areas can vastly improve.

The majority of players are limited by their physical performance, whether this is a:

  • Lack of awareness or poor co-ordination/motor patterning
  • Decreased range of movement
  • Deficit in basic control of individual joints or body segments
  • Decreased endurance, strength and power

The solution to this can begin with a visit to a physiotherapist (in collaboration with a golfing coach and fitness professional) who can then address the following:  

  • Specific technical problem (“I keep slicing my shot”)
  • Specific injury or pain (“my ankle hurts following a round of golf”)
  • Specific weakness or movement dysfunction (“I get a painful lower back after a session at the driving range”)

A physiotherapy GOLF SPECIFIC SCREEN takes about 1 hour. It is based on the well known Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) golf screen in combination with the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA). It can be used to determine areas of weakness and dysfunction throughout the body.

A golf physiotherapist will understand the movements and demands required by the body to achieve a pain free and effective golf swing. The major components of the kinetic chain involved in the golf swing (the pelvis, thorax and arms) are individually assessed to determine if there is an optimal transfer of load from the ground to the ball. These can be treated with various manual techniques and rehabilitative exercises to restore pain free function and control.

A personalised program is then given to you by your physio to address these problem areas. This program will be constantly reviewed and progressions given over a period of time so that you can work with your coach and fitness trainer as your game and body movement/control improves.

Golf screens given by a physiotherapist can be eligible for rebates through HICAPS with your private health fund. Please discuss this with the physio or book online for an appointment.