“Only the astronaut in our society is a more selected individual than the professional ballet dancer.” (Dr William G Hamilton)

A dance screening is an assessment designed to examine the dancers abilities and movement patterns prior to enrolling in a full time dance course. It generally covers a full physical assessment of your body focusing on relevant movement patterns, movement limitations and joint range of motion. It is also important to screen questions from your medical and dance history that may shed some light on the risk levels for future injury that may result from increased hours of dance.

A pre-pointe assessment as a modified version of a dance screen and is done on younger dancers wanting to transition to the use of pointe shoes in ballet. In this screen the physio will assess your pelvis, trunk, knees and feet and determine if you have sufficient strength, range and control to cope with the increased load that is associated with pointe work. 

Your physio can work with your dance teacher and explain to you areas that may need further attention in order to prevent injury prior to starting pointe work.