Yoga is a practice that is over 2000 years old, originating in India and the Himalayas. In western countries there has been a boom in the popularity of yoga in the last decade. The class numbers are often large and the more popular styles of yoga can be physically very demanding, especially for a beginner. Injuries to the back and shoulders are common if the individual is not conditioned enough to do some of the more challenging poses.

Yoga can be a very powerful tool in restoring the body to optimal health as it targets both the body and the mind. Active engagement of the mind and awareness of the breathe during the postures is an essential part of retraining the neuromuscular system after an injury. Yoga gives the opportunity to integrate body with breath and mind, and so it is more than just a series of poses (asanas).


Yoga at The Physio Lab is a small group session ( 6-8 people maximum) and is targeted at those who are BEGINNERS, RECOVERING from an injury or experiencing STRESS in life. The class provides an opportunity to explore the benefits of yoga in a safe, enjoyable way.

Our resident Yoga teacher, Jeanette Cudmore, has been involved in the fitness industry for many years and is a qualified yoga instructor. She teaches Monday evening yoga classes at The Physio Lab. Please contact us to book a spot or to find out more about the class.


Class runs on Monday evenings from 6:30-7:30pm


$10 First Class

$25 casual visit

$100 for 5 classes 

$200 for 10 classes


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