My health and fitness career began as a dancer from a very young age, which then progressed into teaching dance. Later I discovered yoga for mindfulness and exercise, which developed into very deep and advanced practice of yoga for more than 12 years.

Following a dance injury 6 years ago, I began to explore new and different health practices and Pilates was one that I felt aided greatly in my recovery and advancement to continue dancing. Although yoga may have been the obvious choice for me to progress into a teaching career, Pilates was so powerful in assisting with my injury, I wanted to discover more about it in depth, and this lead to further training and eventually instructing Pilates. I became intrigued by not only the outwardly physical movements of Pilates, but also by the bio-mechanical aspects of how and why the anatomy functions.

Pilates for me, combines the mind-body system of exercise that I have always loved, as well as the physical therapy and sports science behind how the body works and moves. Learning in great detail about human anatomy and all the muscles and their functions, has provided me with a sound basis to understanding how Pilates improves and provides better fitness to the body.

I love teaching people to use their bodies physically in ways that will benefit and enhance mobility in all its forms and provide well-being and general happiness. I understand that every ‘body’ is totally unique and needs to be treated differently.

Pilates provides allowances, adjustments and variations to suit any and all body shapes, types, ages, as well as for different levels of health, injuries and special populations.