• BSc (Physiotherapy)

  • BA (Human Movement Studies)

With 20 years of experience in the Physiotherapy field, Kate has learnt that one of the key questions to be asked in managing an injury is WHY that injury has occurred. This has led to interest in how we move and its effect on our body. She has done numerous post graduate courses with both local and international teachers to continue to understand the complexities of our amazing bodies.

After completing the Connect Therapy Series and Thoracic Ring Approach with Dr LJ Lee it re-enforced her belief that all parts and systems of the body are connected and has set the challenge of finding the 'driver' for each injury. 

Kate has an interest in headaches, lumbar-pelvic pain, chronic lower limb injuries, running and yoga injuries. She has a special interest in the hypermobile body having been taken on a personal journey of learning with some significantly hypermobile patients.  

Her passion is to hear your story and help empower you to understand your body better. Each injury is different because each individual is unique.

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